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Uninstalling Higurashi and the Mod

If you want to fully remove Higurashi (for a reinstall, or if you're finished with the game), follow these instructions. Note that a normal Steam uninstall will not remove the mod files, so you must follow these instructions to remove the mod files from your computer.

We currently don't offer any way to uninstall just the mod by itself - the below process will uninstall both the game and the mod.

Uninstalling the game and mod files

  1. Locate the game folder, and remember it for later, using the instructions below:
    1. Steam Users
      1. Open Steam
      2. Right click on the game to uninstall, then click "Properties"
      3. Click the "Local Files" tab
      4. Click the "Browse Local Files..." button. This will open the game folder.
    2. GOG and MangaGamer Users
      1. You'll need to know where you installed the game, or use the game shortcut to find where it was installed
  2. Uninstall the game normally using Steam/GOG/MangaGamer launcher or add/remove programs
  3. Manually delete the game folder you found earlier. This will ensure the mod files are fully removed.

Uninstalling your saves

  1. Disable Steam Cloud/GOG Cloud Saves. Your save files will magically reappear if you don't do this step.
  2. Navigate to the game's save folder as described in the FAQ "Save File Locations"
  3. Delete the whole save folder (you may wish to backup the global.dat file if you are re-installing)

Uninstalling Custom Steam Art / Steamgrid

There are two ways to remove the custom steam artwork / steamgrid files

  1. Open Steam
  2. Navigate to the game which will have its artwork reset
  3. Right click on the artwork to be reset (eg. the header artwork at the top)
  4. In the right-click menu, click "Clear Custom Background" and "Clear Custom logo"
  1. Navigate to the ..\Steam\userdata\[USER_ID]\config\grid folder.
    • There will be a USER_ID subfolder (where USER_ID is a sequence of numbers) for every user who has logged into steam on your computer
    • You'll need to repeat this for all of the USER_ID subfolders, unless you know which one is your personal user folder. The installer currently puts a grid folder in every USER_ID subfolder.
  2. Delete the new-style images and .json files with the corresponding names.
    • We do not recommend deleting the whole folder, as that will clear any custom artwork that you have added yourself in the past.

Uninstalling Unity PlayerPrefs

The game stores certain "Player Preferences" like screen resolution and fullscreen settings.

You may need to clear or modify these settings to fix certain issues related to resolution or fullscreen.

Please choose an OS below to find your PlayerPrefs:

Windows stores these PlayerPrefs in the registry at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mangagamer\Higurashi When They Cry - Ch.1 Onikakushi (for Ch.1). Follow the instructions below to clear all Higurashi games' registry settings:

  1. Download the file delete_higurashi_registry.reg
  2. Double click the delete_higurashi_registry.reg to run it
  3. Accept the UAC prompt
  4. Accept the warning message (press yes)

If you're worried about the .reg file, just open it in a text editor and inspect it. The file just lists each registry folder, prefixed with a - to delete that entry. You could also manually use regedit to delete each entry listed in the file.

NOTE: Higurashi might use the folder "Mangagamer" (lowercase g), instead of "MangaGamer" (uppercase G). Please check both the MangaGamer and Mangagamer folders if you can't find your playerprefs.

Linux playerprefs are stored in the file ~/.config/unity3d/MangaGamer/[GAMENAME]/prefs.

For example, the Chapter 1 prefs file is at ~/.config/unity3d/MangaGamer/Higurashi When They Cry - Ch.1 Onikakushi/prefs

Delete this file or the whole folder to clear Player Preferences.

Note: the below has not been confirmed as I don't have a MacOS system to test on - please let us know if it is correct

MacOS playerprefs are stored in the ~/Library/Preferences folder, in a .plist file.

The name will be something like unity.Mangagamer.[GAMENAME].plist for older games or com.Mangagamer.[GAMENAME].plist for newer games.

Delete this file to clear Player Preferences.

Steam Cloud - I'm not sure, but PlayerPrefs might be synced under Steam Cloud when using Proton. If you can't get the below instructions to work, try clearing/disabling Steam Cloud.

When using Proton, playerprefs are stored in a user.reg file.

This file is stored at .steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/[GAME_ID]/pfx/user.reg. The GAME_ID can be found by going to the store page for the game, then looking at the URL for a 6 digit number - for example Higurashi Ch.1's ID is 310360.

You can also delete the whole prefix to clear your PlayerPrefs, but note this will also delete your saves.

Note that uninstalling the game via steam deletes the entire prefix.