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Alternative Installation Methods

Here are a few resources on getting the installer to run in alternative ways:

(Power Users Only) Install from Source
  1. Install these dependencies:

    • Python (2 or 3)
    • Python Tkinter
    • 7-zip
    • Aria2
    • git
  2. Clone our git repository: git clone

  3. Run python or the equivalent command on your system
Command line interface

The installer also ships with an alternative command line interface for advanced users, in the form of the script. It can be executed by passing several arguments to it. The following arguments are required:

  • -g GAME -- specify the game to install. This should be words separated by - that are sufficient to recognize the necessary mod, e.g. minagoroshi or umineko-question.
  • -p PATH -- the path to the game installation location.
  • -m MOD_TYPE -- the type of the mod, such as full, voice-only, adv-mode, novel-mode, etc.

The following two are optional:

  • -o MOD_OPTION -- used to install optional mod options, e.g. bgm-fix or ryukishi-sprites. Can be repeated several times to include multiple options, e.g. -o bgm-fix -o se-fix.
  • --non-steam -- this should be specified if patching a non-Steam version of a game.

The web page is hosted entirely locally (and only on the loopback interface) on your computer by the installer - it is not hosted on a remote web page.